This Institute is well known to the world for its rare manuscripts on Historiography, Orientalogy, Islamic Studies, Sufism, Urdu, Arabic and Persian Literature, Catalogues, Medicines, Auto-biographies, Medieval History, Literature based on Independence, Calligraphy, Philosophy, and Calligraphic Art etc. The number of manuscripts in the Institute is 8513, printed books 31452 and periodical magazines 17701 based on different languages such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and English etc. The manuscripts are decorated with gold and lapislazuli work and many of these are the best specimens of Calligraphy. There are some Tughras (A calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of a sultan.) of beautiful calligraphic designs also.

Apart from Arabic and Persian manuscripts there is a good number of rare manuscripts of Urdu on various subjects pertaining to 19th century preserved in this Institute. Most of the manuscripts are specifically related to Rajasthan not generally available in other libraries of the country.

Some of the rare manuscripts of Urdu are enumerated below:-

              maapritonk Tarikh-i-Gharibi (Versified)

              maapritonk Diwan-i-Mirza Akbar Ali Baig 'Gul' (A pupil of Mir Taqi Mir)-(Poetry)

              maapritonk Qissah-i-Rangeen Guftar (Author-Azmatullah Niyaz) (Prose)

              maapritonk Bairam Namah (Author- M. Umar Fasih) (Prose)

              maapritonk Qurrat-ul-Uyun (Author- Nawab Mohd. Ali Khan) (Prose)

              maapritonk Diwan-i-Aish (Shaikh Nizam –ud-Din) (Poetry)

              maapritonk Tarikh-i-Mulhim (Author Maulana Ahtisham -ud-Din 'Shaukat') (Versified)